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Nurturing Parenting Programs are family based parenting education programs that help families establish a nurturing way of life. Parents and children attend together so that all family members can benefit from participation in the program. The program is free and is offered in a variety of locations throughout the community. Pre-registration is required.


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For more information about parenting programs (group locations in Kentucky only) contact our Prevention Services Coordinator at 859-538-1618.

Begin early in your child’s life to develop sound discipline and nurturing skills. This 18 week program focuses on the unique developmental needs of young children and sets the foundation for nurturing and healthy family relationships. Parents learn skills in developmentally appropriate activities and expectations, nurturing touch, including infant massage, effective discipline techniques and alternatives to spanking and self-nurturing skills. Children participate in nurturing childcare designed to create a safe environment and build trust and self esteem in infants and young children.

This 15 week program is designed to increase parenting skills and promote healthy family life. Classes provide information and practical experience on a number of important topics, including: communication, establishing routines, positive discipline and self-nurturing. Children meet in separate, age appropriate groups and learn the same skills through entertaining and educational activities. Parents and children come together each week for a snack and family centered activity.

This 12 week program helps strengthen relationships with parents and teens. The program addresses the specific needs and challenges faced in parenting adolescents. Topics include: nurturing communication strategies, negotiation and compromise, setting reasonable limits, recognizing and understanding each others’ needs, understanding adolescent development and increasing personal power, self-esteem and self-concept. Parents and adolescents meet separately for the beginning of the group, and then meet together for parenting and communication skills activities.

Parents who do not live with their children can take these 12 week courses to gain skills needed to re-establish visitation and/or custody rights. Topics include communication, understanding child development, setting reasonable expectations, positive discipline, alternatives to spanking, establishing healthy routines and more.

The Nurturing Fathers Program is a unique program that is tailored to meet the learning styles of men and take into account cultural and societal norms that affect parenting. The program supports the importance of fathers (or a male role model) in the lives of children by showing how fathers teach little boys how to be men/fathers, and teach daughters how to relate to men and to know they deserve of love and respect in their relationship with men.


This program is part of the Nurturing Parenting Programs, but  designed specifically for the elementary school setting. This 6 week program emphasizes collaboration with local schools, and helps improve family involvement in the child’s educational experience.  Programs are held on site at local schools, and school personnel take a key role in recruiting families, encouraging participation and success, and communicating effectively with the children and families involved in the program.  As with our other Nurturing Parenting Programs, parents and their children attend together in order to involve the entire family and maximize opportunities for learning and create opportunities for positive family interaction.

Fall 2018 Session of the Nurturing Parenting Programs

  • The Nurturing Parenting Program for Parents with Children Ages Birth to 5  years starts Tuesday, September 11, 2018. This FREE class meets 2 ½ hours once a week for  14 weeks.
  • The Nurturing Parenting Program for Parents with School-age children starts Tuesday, September 11, 2018. This FREE class meets 2 ½ hours once a week for 14 weeks.
  • The Nurturing Parenting Program for Parents with Teens starts Tuesday, September 11, 2018. This FREE class meets 2 ½ hours once a week for 14 weeks.
  • The Non-Custodial Parenting Program will start Tuesday, September 11, 2018. This FREE class is for parents (adults only) who do not have their children living with them due to them being in foster care or divorce. This class meets 2 ½ hours once a week for 14 weeks.
  • The Nurturing Fathers Program will start Tuesday, September 11, 2018. This FREE class is for fathers only. This class meets for 2 ½ hours once a week for 14 weeks.


All of our parenting programs are FREE for all parents and their children. We work with the entire family on topics such as, communication skills, family rules, child development, building empathy, need for consistency and so forth.

To register for these FREE classes (group locations in Kentucky ONLY) contact our Prevention Services Coordinator at 859-538-1618.

PROFESSIONALS:  Please download a Nurturing Parenting Referral Form.


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This project is funded, in part, under a contract with Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky using state funds allocated by the Kentucky General Assembly via contract number PON2 736 1600001309 4.  Other funders include Fiscal Courts in Boone, Campbell and Kenton counties, United Way of Greater Cincinnati, fundraising/special event revenue and private contributions from individuals and organizations.


Served 497 children and adults
Provided more than 7,300 hours of service

80% of parents who completed Nurturing Parenting Program demonstrated effective parenting skills appropriate to child’s level of development.

93% of parents who reported using corporal punishment prior to attending this parenting program, reported practicing alternatives to corporal punishment after completing the program.

92% of parents/caregivers not currently involved in their child’s school increased their involvement after completing the ABC program.