Have you ever wished that babies came with an instruction manual?

Gene Gardner, founder of Every Parent’s Library, recognized the privilege, and incredible responsibility of raising a child, and wanted to offer support for families. “I knew that people needed access to information,” said Gene, “but also realized that parents are busy. Videos seemed to be the perfect medium to help people get the skills needed to be great parents.”

Family Nurturing Center joined with the volunteer founders of Every Parent’s Library to expand this FREE program to reach out to more parents.

Want to be a great parent?

Every Parent’s Library takes the ‘guess work’ out of caring for your baby. We loan you a variety of DVDs to help you along the way. Let Every Parent’s Library help you:
  • Develop your parenting skills.
  • Reduce your stress.
  • Simplify your life.
  • Improve your child’s health.

How it works…

You will receive a series of the latest, carefully chosen parenting DVDs to watch in the comfort of your own home. Expectant parents and caregivers of newborns up to two years of age are eligible.
  • Each DVD is mailed to you
  • You have a week to watch the video
  • You will be asked for your feedback and to schedule your next DVD
  • Mail the DVD back at our expense


Each DVD covers a specific subject. Sample topics include:
1. Prenatal
  • prenatal nutrition
  • breast feeding vs. bottle
  • preparing for baby’s arrival
2. Newborn
  • what to expect as baby grows
  • prevent (SIDS) Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
  • baby’s need for attention
  • crying, colic and spoiling
3. Crawlers
  • creating good sleep patterns
  • child– proofing your home
  • separation anxiety
4. Toddlers
  • discipline techniques
  • feeding techniques
  • potty training

So what is the Cost?

FREE viewing of excellent parenting DVDs.

FREE delivery and return postage for all DVDs.

FREE scheduling and follow-up to answer your questions.

FREE referral to professionals to answer additional questions.

Simply fill out a Member Agreement form and submit to Family Nurturing Center today!

For more information on Every Parent’s Library, or to register to view videos, contact our Prevention Services Coordinator.


9 new families enrolled in this free service, with parents viewing videos as sources of information and education.

86% of viewers gained knowledge in the specific subject area of the video viewed.