Family Engagement Specialist (PES Parent Coach)

Summary of Family Engagement Specialist (PES Parent Coach)

The Family Engagement Specialist is responsible for providing high quality parent education and coaching services using a trauma informed framework.


Full Time, non-exempt


40 hours/week


Cincinnati, Ohio


Prevention and Group Services Coordinator

Primary Duties:

Primary Duties:

  • Provide individualized services based on care plan and identified needs and goals.
    o Conduct comprehensive parenting assessments.
    o Complete CARE Plans together with families to identify goals, strategies and service selection.
    o Provide evidence based interventions including Nurturing Parenting Programs and Child Adult Relationship Enhancement model in individual and group based formats.
    o Conduct and code parent-child observation sessions as identified on the care plan.
    o Conduct targeted individualized parent coaching sessions as identified on the care plan.
    o Provide services in-home, in-community or in-office, depending upon the needs of the family and recommended service delivery.
    o Model appropriate behavior with parents and children.
    o Encourage families and celebrate progress and mastery of skills.
    o Provide specific information on parenting children impacted by sexual abuse, alcohol and other drugs, domestic violence or mental health diagnoses.
    o Refer families to additional services to support the goals of the case plan or emerging needs of families.
    o Update case plan and document services, progress and ongoing needs.
    o Assist families in overcoming barriers to success.
  • Provide regular updates and communication with HCJFS and the Court System.
    o Complete monthly reports detailing services, participation and progress.
    o Provide written reports to the Court as needed/as requested.
    o Provide testimony in court as needed/as requested.
  • Other duties as assigned.


Job Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in Social Work or related field, or experience commensurate to educational requirements.  Knowledge of the Nurturing Program and a shared vision of  program philosophy required.  Prior clinical work with families required, and experience working with clients impacted by domestic violence, child sexual abuse, mental health diagnoses required.  Knowledge of child development, child abuse issues, and parenting education required.  Training or experience in providing trauma informed care.

Relationships:  The Family Engagement Specialist must maintain positive working relationships with families served, the Clinical Supervisor, other Parent Coaches, Group Facilitators and other agency staff, HCJFS staff and other community partners.

Confidential Information: Client information and records, personnel information and records and other confidential agency information.

Supervisory Responsibilities:  none

To Apply:

To apply for this position. Please send a cover letter and resume to:

Family Nurturing Center
5 Spiral Drive, Suite 100
Florence, KY 41042


[email protected]
Phone: 859-525-3200
Fax: 859-525-3209

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