April Child Abuse Prevention Month 2020-03-16T13:03:39-05:00

April is recognized around the world as Child Abuse Prevention Month and the blue ribbon is the symbol for child abuse prevention.  Started by a grandmother in 1989 whose simple act of tying a blue ribbon on the antenna of her car after the loss of her grandson from abuse to alert the community around her of the issue of child abuse.

Family Nurturing Center promotes the Blue Ribbon Campaign as a community awareness and education prevention campaign to recognize our collective responsibility to prevent and confront all forms of child abuse and neglect.  Child abuse is entirely preventable, but not without your help.  Here in Greater Cincinnati, there are several opportunities for the community to promote and participate in Child Abuse Prevention Month activities.  Activities planned for April include awareness, prevention, education, and fundraising.

Blue Ribbon Ceremony at Tom Gill Chevrolet

Due to health and safety concerns, the Blue Ribbon Ceremony has been cancelled.

Blue Ribbon Trees, Wristbands and Pinwheels for Prevention

Learn all the ways you can promote awareness.

Wear Blue Day in Ohio and Kentucky

Take a selfie for Wear Blue Day and share with your social media friends.

Blue Ribbon activities for schools

Get your copy of our Blue Ribbon Campaign Guide.

Blue Sunday on April 26, 2020

Read how your church can join this international day of prayer.

Children’s Art Contest

Open to children 4th-8th grade: DEADLINE March 13th