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100% of your donation goes directly to our annual fund, serving local families in the Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati area.

At first glance it was nothing special. A small room with a single table, a few chairs, and a box of tissues. But that box of tissues told the whole story. This was the place for final goodbyes. The place where the best result for the child meant a termination of parental rights. This room held the last words, the last hug, the last gifts. That box of tissues was the last thing they would share.

The heartbreak of the past living right alongside the hope for a new future. This is true for all our families.

Hope and heartbreak, hand in hand.

Our families have struggled in 2020. They want to look forward to 2021 with hope. Foster parents need support, children need visitations with their birth parents, birth parents need parenting guidance. Survivors of child abuse, children and adults, need therapy and counseling services. That is why we’re here.

That is why you’re here.

You can make all the difference to someone right here in our community through your support by sponsoring the services they need to make for a better 2021. We all have hopes for next year, many of which rely on things beyond our control. But it is within your control to provide hope for a local family.

Will you be their hope?

Together, let’s leave behind the heartbreak of 2020 and walk side by side toward a bright and hopeful 2021.


Jane Herms
Executive Director