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“You are my hero. You are strong and you are brave. You are an amazing person and you inspire me. Similar to you, when I was your age, I was hurt by a family member who was supposed to take care of me. I wasn’t able to be brave and do what you did in the court room until I was a much older adult.”

–Written by an adult survivor of sexual abuse to a child survivor.

Be a HERO. Help us end the cycle of child abuse.

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Child sexual abuse. We know it’s an uncomfortable topic.

But your discomfort in even saying  it creates a culture of silence that gives power to the perpetrators.

10 Ways to Talk to Your Kids About Sexual Abuse

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Thanks to the talented actors at the Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati and the media services of the BBB, we are able to retell some of our clients’ personal stories of trauma and triumph.

We tackle change in all of its forms, and we do so intentionally to change lives. When we change the conversation, when we change the silence, we can change the culture; we can change the statistics.

Learn the Red Flags to protect children.

Child sexual abuse is entirely preventable. Know the Red Flags when a perpetrator is grooming a child for sexual abuse.  No matter how uncomfortable it makes you feel.

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