Fall Newsletter 2016


We hope you enjoy it.

Fall is officially here.  Before you know it, the leaves will turn from green to brilliant hues of orange and red, decorating our world as beautifully as any artist would.  Crisp air and clear skies will greet our mornings.  We’ll breathe in aromas of pumpkin spice and crackling fires.  We’ll turn back to soup and comfort foods. For many, fall is the inevitable beginning of the end; the last hurrah before a long, cold winter sets in.  I prefer to instead consider it a second spring, a chance to see things in a new light and to retain hope that no matter what darkness may fall, we have hope and beauty all around us. We need only to search it out.

I think of this when I reflect on the children and families we serve at Family Nurturing Center. If left untreated, the night that falls on victims of childhood trauma can last a long time. So can the effects of abuse. Depression and other mental health issues, substance abuse, obesity, domestic violence, unintended pregnancies, physical health ailments and more can be lingering reminders of a childhood lost. But take heart.  A painful past doesn’t need to lead to a fitful future.

At Family Nurturing Center, we’re turning hurting into healing every day. We’re pulling back the darkness to find the light.  Pushing through pain and finding the potential.  Seeing the flower in every leaf.

This newsletter is full of beautiful examples.  From stories of hope and healing to new programs and developments to examples of community generosity that support our work, we’re creating a tapestry for the fall, for our families, for the future.

Embrace the beauty of every season!  Embrace the chance for healing and hope. Embrace the opportunity for rebirth – and for helping to light a nurturing world.

Jane Herms

Executive Director

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