Program Supervisor for the Parenting Time Visitation

Summary of Program Supervisor for the Parenting Time Visitation

Provide supervision to visitation facilitators encompassing the development of their skill set, on boarding process to the agency and program as well as compliance with agency and program procedures: responsible for oversight of training, developing and enhancing the employees overall professional development: facilitate challenging clinical based therapeutic visitation at the direction of the Program Coordinator.


Full Time


Full Time


Cincinnati, Ohio


Visitation Program Coordinator

Primary Duties:

Supervision of Others

  • Supervise clinically and administratively the employees of the visitation service program as assigned by the Program Coordinator
  • Supervise visitation facilitators by providing, at minimum, monthly face to face supervision to review assigned participants, employee performance, and skill development
  • Provide live coaching through the direct observation of job duties at a frequency appropriate for the supervisee
  • Meet with assigned Facilitators and provide strengths based feedback on the live coaching session and review associated documentation to look for consistency in intervention and coaching
  • Audit observation forms and quarterly reports for assigned supervisees and provide strengths based feedback to assist in documentation development
  • Assist with the training of new staff and substitute staff
  • Create and maintain therapeutic support tools to utilize in mentoring /supporting visitation facilitators.
  • Assist program coordinator in planning and implementing staff trainings and staff meetings.
  • Serve as a liaison with HCJFS for on site team meetings for assigned staff and also as needed at the direction of the Program Coordinator
  • Maintain accurate and thorough supervision files on each employee
  • Maintain solid working relationships with staff from HCJFS

Assigned Clinically Based Therapeutic Visitation

  • Assess assigned visiting adults for parenting strengths and struggles, barriers to successful participation in services, and needed additional service resources
  • Develop in conjunction with the visiting adult, a visitation goal/target/task plan that will assist the visiting adult in achieving optimal success with attachment and bonding, increasing developmentally appropriate parenting skills, healthy communication strategies, and responding to their child’s emotional needs
  • Supervise visitation service and coach/intervene with the visiting adult to implement the identified visitation plan utilizing treatment techniques of Child Adult Relationship Enhancement, Trauma Informed Care, and Nurturing Parenting Model
  • Supervise and observe visitation to ensure safe and nurturing interactions
  • Implement evidence based practices (PCIT application) with select visitation service families
  • Utilize motivational interviewing in pre and post processing services to coach visiting adults and enhance their engagement in services and increase their likelihood of success with their visitation goals/targets/tasks
  • Maintain accurate and thorough case files on each child/family
  • Assist families in accessing other needed services through referral and advocacy efforts
  • Prepare and submit objective documentation to JFS and the court based on observation of the child, family, and visits
  • Provide visitation on-site, in community, in-home or in other settings as dictated by the visitation plan in conjunction with HCJFS
  • Participate as a team member with HCJFS and provide input into permanency planning and needed services for children served
  • Complete required paperwork, including outcome and assessments, summaries, evaluation criteria, monthly statistics and other agency forms
  • Conduct oneself in a manner that builds up agency and program morale recognizing the higher standards set by this position as clinical and administrative supervisor of employees
  • Attend agency staff meetings, team meetings, group and individual clinical supervision as scheduled and attend agency-wide meetings, retreats and special events
  • Other duties as assigned by the Program Coordinator or other FNC Management Staff


Job Requirements:

Master’s Degree and basic level licensure if offered for completed degree in relevant human services field is required. We will consider Bachelor’s degree with 2-4 years of progressive experience in Supervised Visitation services.  Knowledge of, and experience working with children and families is expected. Knowledge of child development, trauma informed care, nurturing approaches to parenting, verbal de-escalation techniques, as well as knowledge of child welfare dynamics is required.  Ability to provide motivational leadership and above average team work building and enhancement skills are a must.  Above average communication skills are required. Competency in Microsoft Office, including Word and Excel are a must. All positions at Family Nurturing Center require a shared vision and philosophy that promotes and enhances the agency mission, the ability to handle sensitive information and maintain high level of confidentiality, and demonstrated cultural competence and the ability to work effectively with diverse groups of people.

Preferred Qualifications:

Experience and training in trauma informed care, PCIT application and Motivational interviewing skills are preferred, as well as previous experience with supervised visitation service.


The Clinical Supervisor for Visitation Services must maintain positive working relationships with children and families served, HCJFS and court personnel, and all agency staff and volunteers.

Confidential Information:

Participant records and other agency and HCJFS information.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

Provide formal coaching, mentoring, and supervision to Visitation Facilitators as assigned by the Visitation Program Coordinator.


To Apply:

To apply for this position. Please send a cover letter and resume to:

Family Nurturing Center
5 Spiral Drive, Ste. 100
Florence, KY 41042


[email protected]
Phone: 859-525-3200
Fax: 859-525-3209

It is the policy of the Family Nurturing Center® not to discriminate on the basis of age, color, handicap or disability, ancestry, national origin, marital status, race, religion, sex, veteran status, or political affiliation in its educational or employment programs and activities.