Holistic Support and Wellness Activities

Non-traditional services to help you heal from trauma and live your best life.

At Family Nurturing Center, our Holistic and Wellness Services address and help give you the tools to overcome this. The service offers non-traditional approaches to healing that are rooted in trauma-responsive care and have an overarching foundational approach to incorporating a variety of interventions to heal your mind, body, and soul. Participants can use these services to complement other more traditional services, such as counseling and medication, or on their own.

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We strive to offer a variety of holistic and wellness services with carefully selected instructors who can assist you and your family in your journey towards healing. Options can include trauma-sensitive yoga, guided meditation, movement therapy, or expressive therapies like art, music, and writing. The schedules change quarterly, and new classes are added on a rotating basis.

Each service is provided free of charge and made possible by a grant through the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA). If you have any questions or need additional information or support to register for any listed service, please call Jenny Smith, Prevention and Wellness Specialist, at 859-525-3200 ext. 220 or email [email protected].

This project was supported by Grant Number VOCA-2020-FamilyNur-00035 awarded through the Kentucky Justice and Public Safety Cabinet by the U.S. Department of Justice.


Family Nurturing Center is recognized as a national trainer/consultant for the Nurturing Parenting Programs and offers a wide range of education, awareness and skill trainings to professionals and community groups. Customized workshops, trainings and in-services on a fee for service basis and can last anywhere from one hour to several days.  Direct your questions to Carol Lapin, Director of Prevention Services.

Child Abuse and Neglect Recognizing and Reporting Training
In this interactive training, participants will increase knowledge on potential signs and symptoms of child abuse and neglect, and how to report this information to the authorities. [1.5 hour training]

Child Adult Relationship Enhancement (CARE) Training
CARE is a field-initiated modification of the evidence-based Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT).  Participants will learn skills to help build good relationships with children, improve communication with all children, improve a child’s willingness to comply, and help children improve social skills. [4 hour training]

Engaging Father’s Training
This training is designed to change the culture of private and public agencies to be more father friendly by making them aware of the issues that keep fathers from developing healthy relationships with their children and by helping them develop strategies for integrating fatherhood into their mission and services.  [2 hour training]

Families in Substance Abuse Treatment & Recovery Facilitator Training
Three day training that focuses on the impact of substance use, mental illness and trauma on parenting and the parent-child relationship.  [3 day training]

Nurturing Parenting Facilitator Training at Adanta Regional Prevention Center in Somerset, KY

Internet Safety Training
Participants will increase knowledge on potential risks of child abuse when children/youth use social media and ways to keep children/youth safe.    [1 hour training]

Nurturing Father’s Program Facilitator Training
Participants will learn best practices on how to cultivate and support the attitudes and skills for male nurturance , which benefits men, women, and children in family relationships through a 13-week evidence-based program. [2 Day Training]

Nurturing Parenting Programs Facilitator Training
Nurturing Parenting is founded on the belief that children who are cared for develop the capacity to trust, care and respect themselves, other people and living creatures and the environment. During this three day training, participants will learn best practices on these seven founding principles: Feelings of Attachment, Empathy, Nurturing One Self, Gentle Touch, Discipline, Expressing Feelings, and Expectations and Self-Worth.  [3 Day Training]

Nurturing Philosophy Training
Participants will focus specifically with the six protective factors from the Administration for Children and Families as a result from the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study and learn how the Nurturing Parenting Philosophy builds into families the following protective factors: Nurturing and Attachment, Knowledge of parenting and child/youth development, Parental Resilience, Social Connections, Concrete Supports for Parents, and Social and Emotional Competence of Children.  [6 hour training]

Stewards of Children
Participants will learn steps to preventing, recognizing and reacting responsibly to child sexual abuse.  [2 hour training]

Trauma Informed Care and Documentation Training
Participants will increase knowledge on what trauma is and how to support others who have had traumatic experience in order to promote resiliency and recovery.   [6 hour training]

Ways of the Nurturing Father
This workshop series include the following topics: Positive Discipline, Fathering Sons and Fathering Daughters, Ten Tips for Being a Great Dad, Nurturing Relationships through Communication, My Father and Me, Parenting Together, The Art of Teamwork, Teenage Children: A Parent’s Survival Kit, and Newborns: Being there for Mom and Baby.  One or more of these sessions can be scheduled.  [1.5 to 3 hour each]

All trainings are scheduled through Carol Lapin, Director of Training or 859-538-1614.  Continuing Education Units are available from the OH Social Work Board and KY Board of Social Work.

View a list of upcoming trainings and register online:

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Carol Lapin is the Director of Training at the Family Nurturing Center.  She has a Master of Science in Social Work and for more than 20 years, Carol has been teaching, training, and sharing the philosophy and skills of the Nurturing Parenting Programs® for adults, children and adolescents in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati.  In 1998, she received the recognition of Dr. Stephen Bavolek, principal author of the programs, as a National Trainer of Trainers in the Nurturing Parenting Programs.

In 2010, Carol added the recognition from Mark Perlman, author of the Nurturing Father’s Program, as a Certified Consultant and Master Trainer.  At the 2015 Nurturing Father’s Summit, Carol Lapin was awarded the “Woman of the Year” for her support of fathers and their families.  According to Mark Perlman, “Since 2009, Carol has been instrumental in promoting father involvement at Family Nurturing Center by including the Nurturing Father’s Curriculum in their programming.   She became a Master Trainer for Nurturing Father’s Programs in 2010 and has trained professionals throughout Kentucky and Ohio to facilitate Nurturing Father’s Programs in their community.”

View a list of upcoming trainings and register online:

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Stewards of Children

Stewards of Children

Family Nurturing Center is pleased to offer the Stewards of Children curriculum in partnership with Darkness to Light.  Stewards of Children is a revolutionary prevention program designed to teach adults to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to child sexual abuse.  It uses real people and real stories to show you how to protect children. The framework of the training is built off the foundation of The 5 Steps to Protecting Children™.

You’ll meet survivors who lived through child sexual abuse, experienced its immediate and long-term effects, and ultimately were able to find healing. You’ll meet experts who work with children and families, and confront abuse on a daily basis. Many of these survivors and experts are also parents themselves.

Why does it apply to me?

Child sexual abuse is likely the most prevalent health problem children face, with the most serious array of consequences. In fact, 1 in 10 children will experience sexual abuse before their 18th birthday.

This means that whether you work with youth, are a parent, or are simply a member of a community, it is highly likely that someone you know or care for has experienced, or is currently experiencing, child sexual abuse. It’s going to happen whether you are prepared to deal with it or not – unless you stop it from happening. And the good news, it can be stopped. (Excerpt taken from www.d2l.org)  Once completing the 2-hour training, participants will receive a certificate of completion and CEU credits if requested.

Want to schedule a training for your organization?

Please contact Jenny Smith, Prevention and Wellness Specialist, at 859-525-3200 ext. 220 or by email.

Register for the next Stewards of Children Training Session

Please select the date you are interested in joining.

“Thank YOU!  This training should be a requirement for ALL parents and caregivers of children. We all know about “stranger danger”, but the monsters whose faces we know and trust are a million times worse.  It’s unbelievable to me that if a stranger came up to our child we would know how to protect them, yet millions of families unknowingly deliver their children right into the hands of an abuser.  I know this because I was one of those mothers who thought “this wouldn’t happen to us”.   Please note that I said “wouldn’t” and not “couldn’t”.  I believed I knew the people in my children’s lives.  I believed I had these superhuman mothering abilities that would magically uncover the truth if anyone ever touched or hurt my children.  I had no idea I was living in a dream world.  When I “woke up” and realized something was wrong, I didn’t hesitate to do the right thing and tell the authorities.  It was just 4 years too late.  My children are safe now, and their abuser will stand on trial for what he did to them.”  – Parent after attending Stewards of Children training


Stewards of Children flyer 517.93 KB 242 downloads



Child Abuse and Neglect Indicators 131.31 KB 774 downloads

Indicators of Child Abuse and Neglect ...

The Stewards of Children program has been empirically evaluated and is shown to increase knowledge, improve attitudes and change participants’ child protective behaviors over the long term.  In 2007, the Stewards of Children Program was awarded the National Crime Prevention Program of the Year by the National Crime Prevention Council.

To schedule a Stewards of Children training, contact [email protected] or 859-538-1620.

For additional information, visit Darkness to Light – National

Child Victims Trust Fund KY Attorney General

Funding support for Stewards of Children made possible by the Child Victims’ Trust Fund


Provided evidence-based training to 1,290 adults.

72% of participants showed an increase in knowledge of child sexual abuse.

91% of individuals trained committed to implementing at least one action step to protect children.

Many thanks to the following who have been trained as Stewards of Children

Abby Enrichment Center
ABC Childcare
All About Kids Childcare
Angels Guarding Our Children
Around the Clock Childcare
Aunt Kathy’s Childcare
Bengals Tots Daycare
Big Loving Childcare
Boys and Girls Club-Newport
Bright Days Daycare
Car Bear Daycare
Chapman Childcare
Child Connection
Child Development Play Care Center
Childrens Inc.
Children’s Place
Country Hills Montessori Ft. Thomas
Discover Zone
Droopy Drawers Daycare
Every Child Succeeds
Faces Without Places
Funshine Childcare
Gingerbread Academy
Goddard Schook (Crestview Hills, Ft. Mitchell)
Grant Co. Relatives Raising
Growing Tree
Heavenly Daycare
Jump for Joy Preschool
Kiddie College
Kids Academy
Kids and Cribs
Kids at the Creek Preschool
Kids Club Preschool
Kids Day out
King’s Kids Childcare
Lighthouse Youth Services
Littlest Angels
Mother Hubbard
NKY Childrens Home
NKU Childcare
Rainbow Childcare (Cresent Springs, Florence)
Stepping Stones
Strong Minds
Tender Love and Care
Visions Early Learning Center
CAC Hamilton County
Bright Future
Buckeye Ranch
Children’s Home of Northern Kentucky
Diverstion Foster Care
Family Ties Foster Care
First Step Home
Hamilton Co. GAL
Holly Hil
Life Skills Center of Cincinnati
MEBS and Associates
Mental Health America
Metor Hope
KY Cabinet
New Beginnings
ProKids CASA
Peas in a Pod
Romper Room Childcare
Voice for the Innocent
The Mentor Network
Dominach’s Taekwondo Academy
Elementz Dance
BLOC Ministries
Bridgetown Church of Christ
Cincinnati Mennonite Church
City Gospel Mission
Clough United methodist
Community Baptist Church
Community Faith Church
Creation Museum
Crossroads Center
Crossroads Church
Crossroads Preschool
Diocesan CCH
Diocese of Covington
Erlanger Christian Church
Gloria Dei Lutheran Church
Gospel City Mission
Hebron Lutheran Church
Hickory Grove Baptist Church
Holy Cross Preschool
LifeSprings Christian Church
Loveland Christian Church
Main Street Baptist Church Ed. Center
MOM’s Christian Childcare Center
Revive Church
Roselawn Lutheran Church
Sonrise Church
St. Catherine of Siena Church
West End Community Church
Williamstown Baptist
Beckfield College
Boone County Administration
Boone County Board of Education
Calvary Academy
Campbell County FRYSC
Chatfield College
Crittenden Mt. Zion Elementary
Dry Ridge Elementary
Goaddard School (Crestview Hills, Ft. Mitchell)
Grant Co. Middle/High School
Mason Corinth Elementary
Mayerson Academy
Mt. Healthy Jr/Sr Achieve Program
North College Hill Schools
Northern Kentucky University
Norwood School District
Ryland School
University of Cincinnati
Williamstown Elementary
Williamstown Middle/High School
Bridge Pointe
Brighton Recovery Center
Burlington Fire
Campbell County Police Deparment
Care Net
Center for Chemical Addictions
Cincinnati Fire Department
City Heights
Florence UMC
Hamilton County Juevenile Court
Hebron Fire Department
MSA Architects
Salvation Army
Santa Maria
Springdale Paramedics
Talbert House
Welcome House
Women’s Crisis Center
Wyoming Fire EMS

S.O.A.R. (Survivors of Abuse Recovery)

S.O.A.R. is a 12-week program serving adults who fell victim to childhood sexual abuse. Participants follow a guided curriculum that is designed to identify feelings, learn healthy coping skills and provide a platform of trust where they can feel safe sharing their story. The program teaches healthy relationship boundaries, effective communication skills and instills a variety of key fundamentals that transform adult victims into high-functioning survivors.

Weekly group sessions meet to identify the impacts of trauma on daily life and work together to create healthy coping strategies that will make life easier to manage. This program lays a solid foundation for transforming you from a victim into a survivor.

An intake is required before beginning a S.O.A.R. group.  Contact the Case Manager, 859-538-1616 to schedule an intake.

Download and share our S.O.A.R. informational flyer:


SOAR (Survivors of Abuse Recovery) 908.15 KB 290 downloads


Survivors Break the Silence:

Watch interview on WLWT with anchor Mark Hayes and a group participant about the S.O.A.R. program.

Listen to a partial interview on Sunday Morning Magazine with Rodney Lear and two our our clients, adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse (Feb. 14, 2016)


“I liked to open communication between everyone in the group.  I felt safe and understood, and was able to relate and build on many of our conversations.”

“The great thing about the group is that we all have parts of our stories that are an inspiration to someone else in the group.  I’m honored that I had the opportunity to be in a group with men who understand what I’m going through.”

“My hope is that we can get enough people and energy together in the future to really make a dent in the problem of sexual abuse.  The more people that pull through this and lead healthy positive lives, the more likely other men suffering will see that example and be willing to come forward to get help.  The more people that pull through and go back to help others in their journey, the more we can change this world.” 

SOAR Outcomes

Supported 31 adult survivors who were victimized as a child.
Provided 227 hours of service.

70% of participants reported increased coping skills.

80% of participants reported increased peer support.

Parenting Programs

Nurturing Parenting Programs are family based parenting education programs that help families establish a nurturing way of life. Parents and children attend together so that all family members can benefit from participation in the program. The program is free and is offered in a variety of locations throughout the community. Pre-registration is required.

For more information about parenting programs (group locations in Kentucky only) contact our Prevention Services Case Manager at 859-538-1617.

Begin early in your child’s life to develop sound discipline and nurturing skills. This 18 week program focuses on the unique developmental needs of young children and sets the foundation for nurturing and healthy family relationships. Parents learn skills in developmentally appropriate activities and expectations, nurturing touch, including infant massage, effective discipline techniques and alternatives to spanking and self-nurturing skills. Children participate in nurturing childcare designed to create a safe environment and build trust and self esteem in infants and young children.

This 15 week program is designed to increase parenting skills and promote healthy family life. Classes provide information and practical experience on a number of important topics, including: communication, establishing routines, positive discipline and self-nurturing. Children meet in separate, age appropriate groups and learn the same skills through entertaining and educational activities. Parents and children come together each week for a snack and family centered activity.

This 12 week program helps strengthen relationships with parents and teens. The program addresses the specific needs and challenges faced in parenting adolescents. Topics include: nurturing communication strategies, negotiation and compromise, setting reasonable limits, recognizing and understanding each others’ needs, understanding adolescent development and increasing personal power, self-esteem and self-concept. Parents and adolescents meet separately for the beginning of the group, and then meet together for parenting and communication skills activities.

Parents who do not live with their children can take these 12 week courses to gain skills needed to re-establish visitation and/or custody rights. Topics include communication, understanding child development, setting reasonable expectations, positive discipline, alternatives to spanking, establishing healthy routines and more.

The Nurturing Fathers Program is a unique program tailored to meet the learning styles of men and take into account cultural and societal norms that affect parenting. The program supports the importance of fathers (or a male role model) in the lives of their children.


All of our parenting programs are FREE for all parents and their children. We work with the entire family on topics such as, communication skills, family rules, child development, building empathy, need for consistency and so forth.

To register for these FREE classes (group locations in Kentucky ONLY) contact Rebekah Cookston, Prevention Case Manager, at 859-538-1617.

PROFESSIONALS:  Please download a Nurturing Parenting Referral Form.


Nurturing Parenting Referral Form 650.93 KB 1204 downloads

Nurturing Parenting Referral Form ...


This project is funded, in part, under a contract with Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky using state funds allocated by the Kentucky General Assembly via contract number PON2 736 1600001309 4.  Other funders include Fiscal Courts in Boone, Campbell and Kenton counties, United Way of Greater Cincinnati, fundraising/special event revenue and private contributions from individuals and organizations.


Served 227 children and adults participated in parenting groups
Provided more than 4643.5 hours of service

84% of parents demonstrated increased ability to support their child’s developmental milestones.

80% of parents showed a reduction in risk for abuse, neglect and/or exploitation

Kids on the Block

The Kids on the Block Program provides school based prevention services which increase public awareness about the problem of child abuse and equips children with the skills to recognize and report such abuse and bullying and school safety. The program is approved by the Diocese of Covington as a Safe Environment Program.  During the 2019-20 school year, the Kids on the Block puppets were seen by 15,000 children through 221 performances.

Child Abuse Prevention performances

Dynamic, interactive performances are provided using life size Kids on the Block puppets to educate children about child abuse and neglect. The program includes different programs in which the puppets discuss their “personal stories” regarding both physical and sexual abuse. Following the presentation, the puppeteers are trained to address issues related to child abuse and answer questions from the children via the puppets, so that children can clarify any information and gain additional insight into abuse.

Children are provided with activity booklets that reinforce information provided in the presentations and are given a 24-hour abuse reporting number. An Educator’s Guide is provided to adults who view the program which includes signs and symptoms of child abuse and neglect, reporting procedures and suggestions for how to respond to disclosures.

The Kids on the Block Child Abuse Education and Prevention program targets school age children, K through 5th grade. The program is offered to all Northern Kentucky schools and community groups for free in Boone, Campbell, Grant, and Kenton counties. Performances are available outside of these areas for a fee.

For questions about Kids on the Block performances, please contact Kids on the Block Specialist


Resource Guide for Educators 467.64 KB 935 downloads

KOB Educator Guide ...

Bullying and School Safety Performances

Performance at Ryland Elementary.

The Kids on the Block Program on Bullying and School Safety has been developed to educate children about what constitutes bullying, promote sensitivity toward peers, provide specific strategies to make schools a safer place, and help children avoid or cope with bad situations. This program:

  • explains/defines what constitutes bullying
  • examines various problem solving techniques
  • encourages children to talk about their feelings and about unjust situations
  • provides intervention strategies to adults and children
  • increases awareness and acceptance of human similarities and differences
  • encourages children to be secure and confident in their own perceptions of right and wrong and to reject unacceptable bullying behavior in others.

Performances are provided using three life size  Kids on the Block puppets, Eddy Franklin, Clare Sanchez, and Melody James.

The program includes two skits in which the puppets share their personal experiences with bullying.  A bullying situation is examined and ways that the child being bullied can address the problem are explored.  Ways in which children who witness teasing or bullying behavior can respond to help diffuse the situation are also addressed.  Following the presentation, the puppeteers answer questions via the puppets and ask students to share their ideas and suggestions.

The Kids on the Block Program on Bullying and School Safety targets school age children, K through 5th grade. This program is available to a limited number of schools  and community groups in the tri-state area for a fee.

For questions about Kids on the Block performances, please contact Kids on the Block Specialist


Kids on the Block Bullying Prevention guide for Educators 697.33 KB 268 downloads

Kids on the Block bullying prevention guide for educators (follow up activities after...

Script Summaries

Open House
When Nam arrives at the Open House at school, he sees Stephen and his mother. Nam asks Stephen about a rumor he heard — that Stephen’s mom hits him really hard causing the scars on his arm and face. Nam is surprised by Stephen’s response. Stephen outlines the steps which were taken so he and his family could get help.

Nam has learned a lot about child abuse but is still confused about what abuse is and is not. He interrupts Stephen’s homework session, thinking that his parents are doing “child abuse” to him. Stephen invites Nam over and helps him understand more about child abuse.

Between Friends
This script features puppet characters Joanne Spinoza and Stephen Arthur. Stephen, who has been physically abused, understands Joanne’s confusion and fear when she tells Stephen how she told a trusted adult about her situation and how telling was the best thing she could have done. Major points made in the script include: if you are sexually abused, it is not your fault, your parents will still love you, don’t believe threats, if this has happed to you, you should tell someone about it, and you have a right to say no.

You’re Not the Boss of Me!
Eddy is being harassed by a school bully and is unsure how to resolve the situation. When his friend, Clare insists he talk about it, Eddy lashes out in frustration. With Clare’s help, Eddy learns that problems with a bully are not something to be ashamed of or embarrassed about – nor are bullies a problem which must be dealt with by an individual.

Rescue or Report
Melody is feeling badly that her friend Brenda was teased on her way home from school. She feels guilty that she wasn’t there to stop the situation. When Eddy asks Melody how her presence would have made a difference, she explains that bullies often target kids who appear to be “easy prey”. Melody demonstrates that “getting involved” and helping another person does not necessarily mean confronting the bully.

Safe At School
Melody and her classmate, Eddy Franklin have volunteered to work on a student committee to help develop a school safety plan at Woodburn Elementary. They have enlisted the help of teen mentor, Clare Sanchez, who shows them that bullying and other school crimes can have a negative effect on the entire school population, not only the targets of those crimes. With the audiences help, the kids brainstorm ways to promote safety and reduce crime in their school.

Request a Performance at your School Today!

MM slash DD slash YYYY

This program would not be possible without the generous support of the following funders:

Fiscal Courts of Boone, Campbell and Kenton counties; The Charles H. Dater Foundation; Diocese of Covington; The Jack J. Smith, Jr. Charitable Trust, PNC Bank and Karen B. Wachs, Co-Trustees; Chas. and Ruth Seligman Family Foundation; The Sutphin Family Foundation, PNC Bank Trustee; Daniel and Susan Pfau Foundation


Educated 14,452 children and 1,365 adults with performances.
Presented 221 Kids on the Block performances.

22 disclosures of abuse were received and reported to the Cabinet for Health and Family Services.

98% of children completing pre and post test maintained or increased in their knowledge of ways to recognize and report child abuse.

100% of teachers surveyed agreed that the performance was helpful to their students.

Visitation Services

Visitation provides an opportunity for children to visit with non-custodial parents in a safe, supervised setting, and build skills needed to enhance healthy family functioning.

While traditional supervised visitation services provide a neutral, objective and third party account of interactions, facilitated visitation is a hands-on approach that helps parents increase skills and develop stronger family relationships.

Questions about our Visitation programs can be directed to the Visitation Program Coordinator.

This program is funded by Hamilton County Job and Family Services and is open only through referral from Hamilton County JFS.

Visitation offers a step down approach to visitation.

  • Facilitated is the most intensive where a facilitator works one on one with a family, supervising the visit the entire time, providing redirection, modeling, suggestions and resources.
  • Monitored visitation is supervised the entire visitation time as well, but is one facilitator to three families and is less intensive in nature.  Community visitation is for families close to reunifying making progress on their case plan.
  • Community visitation is still supervised the entire time and is offered one facilitator to one family in the community.

Visitation Facilitators provide directed activities, parent education, coaching and feedback to help make the visit successful and assist families in moving toward permanency. Family Nurturing Center Visitation Facilitators are key members of the decision making team and work side by side with the family and Hamilton County Job and Family Services (JFS) staff to help children achieve stability and permanency.

Most Visitation services take place at our Cincinnati office location, 7162 Reading Road, 5th floor.


Served 2,199 children and parents
Provided 10,484 supervised visitations.

70% of active clients demonstrated progress in one or more areas.

85% of clients felt the staff believed in them and their success.

Treatment Services


Treatment Services at Family Nurturing Center encompass multiple program components for children, adults and families. All services are free of charge as dictated by federal funding. An intake is required before beginning any program. 


Child Abuse and Neglect Indicators 131.31 KB 774 downloads

Indicators of Child Abuse and Neglect ...

Contact the Case Manager at 859-538-1616 to schedule an intake.  Kentucky Cabinet Workers, school personnel and other professionals referring clients, please submit the required referral form.


Child Abuse Treatment Services Referral Form 372.67 KB 603 downloads

Services are open to residents of any county. ...


Professional Treatment Services 280.07 KB 406 downloads



A.N.C.H.O.R. (Addressing Needs, Creating Hope, Optimizing Relationshipsis a 10-week program serving school-aged children who have experienced trauma or negative life events. Participants meet during the school day among peers to develop coping skills, identify and understand feelings, determine effective ways to plan for safe and healthy futures, and increase self-esteem.

S.P.A.R.K. (Sparking Power And Resiliency in Kids) is a 12-week program serving children ages 4-18 who have experienced trauma, their siblings, and parents/caregivers. Participants meet in a group setting among peers to understand how trauma has impacted them, to develop coping strategies to build resiliency, and empower one another to have healthy and safe futures. The sibling and parent/caregiver groups work simultaneously using a trauma-focused model to process the traumatic experience, learn effective family communication skills, and better understand the disruption that traumatic experiences can have on daily life.

Individual and Family Counseling is also available to help children with a history of abuse/trauma (including physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse/neglect and witness to domestic violence).  Our staff is trained in evidence-based therapies to address trauma, grief, and interactions between parent and child, including Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavior Therapy (TF-CBT) and Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT).

Case Management Services are available for children and families on an as needed basis to help connect families with resources.

We also offer services for adults who experienced childhood sexual abuse.  Please visit S.O.A.R. (Survivors of Abuse Recovery) to learn more about this adult only program.

Registration  Services are open to residents of any county. Participants are approved via a face to face clinical assessment to determine the appropriateness of services. Snacks are routinely provided in all group services.

Email our Director of Programs and Services or call 859-538-1643 for more information.


Family Nurturing Center greatly appreciates the support  from The Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile, Jr. Foundation/U.S. Bank Trustee, the Scripps Howard Foundation, The Butler Foundation, and the Fiscal Courts of Boone, Campbell and Kenton counties for funding of our Child Abuse Treatment Services programs and services.

Additional funders include The Kentucky Justice and Public Safety Cabinet and the United Way of Greater Cincinnati. These services were supported by Grant Number VOCA-2020-FamilyNur-00035 awarded through the Kentucky Justice and Public Safety Cabinet by the U.S. Department of Justice, Boone, Kenton, and Campbell County Fiscal Courts, and United Way.

The opinions, findings, conclusions, and recommendations expressed in this publication/program/exhibition are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Kentucky Justice and Public Safety Cabinet or U.S. Department of Justice.


Served 601 children and adults for therapeutic services
Provided 3,338 individual counseling sessions

80% of children completing services improved their coping skills.

81% of children completing individual counseling decreased their trauma symptoms.