April Child Abuse Prevention Month

April is recognized around the world as Child Abuse Prevention Month and the blue ribbon is the symbol for child abuse prevention.  Started by a grandmother in 1989 whose simple act of tying a blue ribbon on the antenna of her car after the loss of her grandson from abuse to alert the community around her of the issue of child abuse.

Family Nurturing Center promotes the Blue Ribbon Campaign as a community awareness and education prevention campaign to recognize our collective responsibility to prevent and confront all forms of child abuse and neglect.  Child abuse is entirely preventable, but not without your help.  Here in Greater Cincinnati, there are several opportunities for the community to promote and participate in Child Abuse Prevention Month activities.  Activities planned for April include awareness, prevention, education, and fundraising.

Blue Ribbon Trees, Wristbands and Pinwheels for Prevention

Learn all the ways you can promote awareness.

Wear Blue Day in Ohio and Kentucky

Take a selfie for Wear Blue Day and share with your social media friends.

Blue Sunday on April 30, 2023

Read how your church can join this international day of prayer.

Blue Sunday on April 30, 2023

On April 30, 2023 churches of all faiths are asked to join together in a day of prayer to demonstrate their appreciation to those who help abused or neglected children, and to support children and families who have been touched by abuse. National Blue Sunday Day of prayer for abused children began in 1994 with 20 churches but has grown to include over 7.4 million participants on 5 continents.

A church bulletin insert is available for download.


Blue Sunday Church bulletin insert 1.07 MB 1130 downloads


Blue Sunday prayer written by Janet Magee, founder of www.bluesunday.org.  Learn more about faith based initiatives and register your church at www.bluesunday.org.


Blue Sunday Prayer 93.31 KB 543 downloads

We are asking that you join with churches from across the region to recognize April...

Does your church have a Safe Sanctuaries policy or guidelines to reduce the risk of child abuse?  Do you conduct a reference check and criminal background check on all of your employees and volunteers? Has your church done a proactive self-evaluation to assess policy needs to protect children in the church’s care? Are you VBS staff trained to know the signs and indicators of sexual abuse?

Learn ways to protect children and your congregation by hosting a Stewards of Children workshop at your church.  This is a free workshop and one your church and our children cannot afford to miss.

To read a sample Safe Sanctuaries policy created by the General Conference of the United Methodist Church click here.  Another great resource is Crossroads Church’s Kids Club Adult application as an example of questions to ask your volunteers.


Check out all of our Blue Ribbon Campaign events and activities

Wear Blue Day in Ohio and Kentucky

A simple gesture can make all the difference.  Ask your coworkers to join you for Wear Blue Day

  • Kentucky – Friday, March 31st #wearblue4KYkids
  • Ohio – Wednesday, April 12th @WearBlueOhio

Help generate awareness about child abuse and neglect.  Business owners – Encourage employees to wear blue jeans to work for a fee and DONATE the proceeds to support Family Nurturing Center’s programs and services for children and families.

Share your Blue Day Selfie in front of your company, school or church sign and then email to Jane Herms for inclusion in our Blue Ribbon Registry. Our post it on our Facebook page and then share with all your social media friends.

#WearBlue  #wearblue4KYkids   @WearBlueOhio   #stopchildabuse    @family_nurture   #CAPM2023  

Blue Ribbon Trees, Wristbands and Pinwheels for Prevention

Everyone has the power to make a difference in the life of a child.  Choose to be the difference and Build a Blue Ribbon Tree with the rest of Northern Kentucky. Select a Tree or Construct a Tree – creativity appreciated and encouraged!  Decorate the tree with Blue Ribbons (store bought or home-made).

Hang ribbons on trees to represent any of the following:

  • The number of students who attend a local school or child care
  • Reward kids for random acts of kindness with their name on a blue ribbon
  • Use the ribbons to show your business’s support for children in general
  • Something significant to your business, school or town that shows the importance of child abuse prevention education.

#CAPM2023 #wearblue #stopchildabuse @familynurture

Business owners can share with their customers a sign showcasing a Positive Parenting Tip of the Day to promote a positive message every day in April about simple ways parents can nurture a child in their life.

Any one can be a part of Blue Ribbon Campaign to promote Child Abuse Prevention Month!  Community members can make a DONATION to Family Nurturing Center and receive a blue wristband that says “There is no excuse for child abuse” to demonstrate to others your commitment to protecting children.

“There is No Excuse for Child Abuse” This should be more than just a catchy phrase.  Wearing this wristband serves as a visual reminder of your commitment to protect children from all forms of abuse or neglect.  If you would like to purchase wristbands contact [email protected] 859-538-1612.

Plant a Pinwheels for Prevention garden in front of your school, place of worship, or business. You can order pinwheels directly from our friends at Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky (PCAK).  Visit Pinwheels for Prevention at PCAK.



How To Make A Pinwheel At Home

Pinwheel Coloring Sheet

Check out all of our Blue Ribbon Campaign events and activities